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The Nerdie UV Quiz!

Here comes the sun, and here too comes the UVB rays. We’re passionate about protection from UV rays all years round, but when the sun starts to finally peak through the clouds, we’re getting extra nerdily diligent about protection.

UV exposure is the leading cause of premature ageing, and with skin cancer being the most common form of cancer in Ireland, we take it super seriously. 

Just how UV savvy are you? Try your luck at our nerdie UV quiz below...

Q 1: What does UVA stand for? 

A) Ultraviolent A
B) Uniformity Ageing
C) Unavoidable Ageing
D) Ultraviolent Arrangement

Answer: A! Ultraviolet A is a long-form ray, and Ultraviolet B is a short-form wave. UVA penetrates into the deep layers of your epidermis, and UVB can cause burning to the upper layers of your skin. UVA is around through the whole year, which is why we say SPF every day!

Q2: UV light cannot penetrate glass.


Answer: B! Light can penetrate glass, depending on its wavelength, which is why wearing SPF in the house is important, even if you’re not intending on heading out. Some glasses are more effective at filtering out harmful rays, and some are less effective – like car windows, for example

Q3: What’s a mineral SPF?

A) An edible SPF
B) A waterproof SPF
C) A physical SPF
D) An SPF which is in makeup

Answer: C! A mineral SPF is made up of mineral compounds and forms a physical barrier between you and the sun. You must apply it to every centimetre of skin in order to be protected from the sun’s rays. It is usually more easily tolerated by sensitive skin. Skingredients Skin Shield is a mineral SPF, which contains zinc oxide – it's well tolerated by more sensitive skins, and suitable for congestion-prone skin, too.

Q4) What does SPF stand for?

A) Sun Performance Facility
B) Sun Protection Factor
C) Sheer Physical Factor
D) Sun Perfection Finality

Answer: B, of course. Sunscreens are classified by an SPF number which refers to their ability to deflect UVB rays. The SPF rating is calculated by comparing the amount of time needed to burn sunscreen-protected skin vs. unprotected skin.

Q 5) UVA light it not just emitted by the sun. We also use it for which of the following?

A) Tanning
B) Aquarium lighting
C) Inspection equipment
D) Glow lights

Answer: ALL OF THE ABOVE. This is one of the reasons SPF is so important all the time. Who knows when you might end up in an aquarium? Not us.

Q6 ) What can work to reflect UVA light?

A) The colour black
B) Music sound-waves
C) Shrubbery
D) Snow

Answer: D. According to the WHO, new snow can reflect up to 80% of ultraviolet rays, while normal ground surfaces and bodies of water tend to reflect less than 10%. 

Q 7) Screens emit UVA. True or false?

Answer: B) False! They do, however, emit HEV or blue light which can also be damaging to skin! This is why we always suggest wearing SPF, indoors and outdoors. There’s a huge range of SPFs that you can choose from today – no need for the pasty white SPF look that you might recall from previous years. 

Q8) UV light is useful for...

A) Creating building materials
B) Cookery
C) Destroying bacteria
D) Prompting your Circadian rhythm

Answer: C! UV light can be used to sterilise surfaces and reduce the possibility of infection by means of bacteria!

Q 9) We get all kinds of UV light all year-round.


Answer: False! We generally only get UVB light in Ireland May – September, but we get UVA light through the full 12 months of the year, which is why SPF is so important, even on Christmas Day.

Well, how did U (V) do? Are you feeling like a nerdie mastermind or a nincompoop? Don’t worry, the takeaway lesson is one for everybody – SPF, all year round!