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Introducing Skingredients Follow-Ups...

You're a member of the Nerd Network, your routine is doing things for your skin in a big way, and you were one of the first to know about Skingredients and you really want to add something from our very own results-driven skincare range, to your routine. 

Well, we heard you. 

Advice from Nerds or Nerdettes

Let our expert team of Nerds or Nerdettes guide you on which Skingredients products make sense in your routine, whether you're a Sally or Skin Good Fats hooman and if there are any swaps to be made. 

Order Skingredients with your €15 deposit

After your follow-up consultation, you will receive your €15 deposit in the form as a voucher code to use on Skingredients!

Please note: this voucher code can only be used for the ordering of Skingredients products on 

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