Upskill Skin School - Free Online Knowledge-Sharing Programme

Education is one of the key pillars of The Skin Nerd, and Jennifer Rock, our CEO and founder, was inspired by her learnings as a skin tutor to create the brand. Upskill Skin School is another vessel of nerdienessexclusively for beauty and pharmacy professionals.  

Upskill Skin School is a free 4-week online knowledge-sharing programme featuring video lectures with CEO & founder Jennifer Rock plus plenty of special guests.  

The sessions

Week 1 – Tuesday, 3 November, 10am 11.30am 

Skin Anatomy & Physiology with CEO & founder Jennifer Rock and Head Nerd, Benjamin Liljeblad 

An introduction to the skin, focusing on anatomy and physiology, skin concerns, skin types and skin conditions. 

Week 2 – Tuesday, 10 November, 10am – 11.30am 

Skin Nutrition: Feeding the Skin from Within with CEO & founder Jennifer Rock and Yvonne Duffy O'Shaughnessy, Health & Nutrition Coach  

The skin is an organ® and nourishing our body optimally means we are nourishing our skin optimally. Jennifer and Yvonne Duffy O’Shaughnessy, nutritionist and regular contributor to RTÉ Today and RSVP Magazinewill speak about what we can do with regard to our diet and our lifestyle to feed our skin as best as we can. 

Week 3 – Tuesday, 17 November, 10am – 11.30am 

Key Ingredients for Skin Health with CEO & founder Jennifer Rock and Skingredients Chemist, Gabriela Duffy Morales  

In our opinion, there are select rock star ingredients that benefit our skin when we use them AM and PM. Jennifer and Gabriela will inform you on how these ingredients tangibly benefit your skin, with a data-driven approach from our knowledgeable cosmetic chemist. 

Week 4 – Tuesday, 24 November, 10am – 11.30am 

Your Choice FAQ with CEO & founder Jennifer Rock, Skingredients Chemist, Gabriela Duffy Morales, Head Nerd, Benjamin Liljeblad, skin expert & facialist Andy Millward and nutritionist Yvonne Duffy O'Shaughnessy

Our final session is up to you. We will be collating the topics and questions you submit to be covered in our fourth week and answering any queries you have. Make sure to have your voice heard on Instagram, week in, week out, and your question could make it into session 4!   

Sign up below to take part! We will send you Zoom links for each week of the series by email. 

Ps. All sessions will be recorded so you can watch them back whenever you like. Make sure to sign up to be provided access to these recordings!