How To Cleanse in 60 Seconds

Alright, we know Gone in 60 Seconds - we know Countdown - we’re pretty happy to do things in fairly limited amounts of time for the entertainment factor. But as the evenings darken, and the neon lights begin a-twinkling (have you seen the C-mas lights hanging ominously on Grafton Street? Desperate), our thoughts are tending to trendier things. Bars. Wine bars, preferably. Nice restaurants and (faux) fur coats. Going. OUT. If there’s one time of year where we can indulge a little, t’is the season.

However, a natural consequence of going out is - coming back. And our problems begin when you roll in the door at 3am and are facing a terrible choice - pillow or *shudder* MAKEUP removal. Listen, we know that the pillow beckons, but we have good news. You can get all of your makeup off and even do the fastest cleanse of your life in 60 seconds. 60 seconds is nothing - you can afford it, and your skin will thank you for it. If we’re talking proper party-prep, then that means keeping your skin in tip-top condition and not letting a true cheat-night break you out.

So here we go - avoid the siren-song of your pillow and get yourself into the bathroom for the fastest cleanse of your life! We don’t promote this for everyday but our goal in these situations is just makeup-off, bare minimum.

Balmy Precleanse

Alright, you’re still gorgeously made-up (or just, made-up, depending on the hour), so you need to get the makeup off your face. Our pro-tip: use a balmy precleanser or cleanser to help to emulsify the product so it will slide off very quickly. Our top picks are Skingredients PreProbiotic Cleanse or the IMAGE Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Quickly use your whole hand (no time for delicate finger circles) to make a mess of the makeup you have on and then use your Cleanse Off Mitt to whip it off to your best ability.

Splash ‘N Dash

Your balmy precleanse should take your less than a minute. Then onto the fun step. We wouldn’t normally recommend this, but listen, sometimes life happens. As much as we don’t want your bathroom to look like a flood plain, the old splash-and dash is key to a middle of the night cleansing ritual. Warm water, in your cupped hands - splash it all over your face to get the balmy precleanse definitely off your skin. We know you may not be thorough enough with your COM if you’re tired… But you can clean up the bathroom faster than a breakout.

Lazy Mode: Just The COM

If you want a proper cheat night, as in “can do it while in bed”, wet your COM and do your best before your eyes closed. The COM removes the vast majority of your makeup on its own but just in case, hit yourself with an exfoliating cleanser the next morning.

Expert Mode: Full Double Cleanse 

Listen, we promised 60 seconds, so really if you get through a full double cleanse, you’re doing amazing, sweetie. If you can manage to get your double cleanse taken care of, then you get special nerdie brownie points.

We find what helps us is to remember how much we care about our skin and how gloriously clean we’ll feel the next morning when we’re a bit worse for wear.

Sometimes it’s okay to have a cheat night. Obviously the ideal is to get your full skincare regime in, because let’s face it - party season is the time of year when your skin needs to be in the best nick of all.. We stan the double cleanse, but if it’s post-chippie, all of the night-spots have closed, and you’re fighting against your better nature, then this is a way to take a small skincare victory. One cheat night won’t ruin your skin - but let’s not make a habit. We are only hooman, after all.

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