The Nerdie Ingredients Quiz

Alright, so you’ve proven yourself in general nerdie knowledge - now it’s time to dig even deeper! When it comes to the most important ingredients for your skin, just how do you measure up? Take our quiz and find out …

Take a note of your answers, and find out how you did at the end!

Q1: Salicylic acid is 
A) An exfoliating acid
B) A hydrating acid
C) Actually not an acid at all
D) Only suitable for teenage skin

Q2: Skingredients Skin Protein has a slightly yellow tint. This is due to the presence of the ingredient:
A) Lemongrass
B) Dairy
C) Egg yolk
D) Green tea

Q3: What ingredient is commonly used for treating hyperpigmentation?
A) Vitamin C
B) Avocado oil
C) Glycolic acid
D) Plain water

Q4: Extracts from tomato in skincare can have which property:
A) Prompt collagen synthesis
B) Nothing useful 
C) UV Protection!
D) Antioxidant

Q5: You can use aloe vera in skincare. True or false?
A) True
B) False

Q6: Glycerin is a ___ often used in ____
A) Moisturiser, cleansers
B) Humectant, moisturisers
C) Baking ingredients, cakes
D) Cleaning agent, makeup

Q7: Pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is unstable. You should use it within: 
A) 7 days of opening
B) 12 weeks of opening
C) 6 months of opening 
D) 3 months of opening

Q8: Ingredients appear on official INCI ingredients lists…
A) In order of importance
B) In order of amount
C) In alphabetical order
D) At the makers discretion

Q9: Zinc oxide is...
A) Only suitable for use in winter
B) A natural sunscreen
C) Unsuitable for dry skin
D) Not skincare

Q10: True or false: It is not possible to find vegan hyaluronic acid. 

How did you do? Be sure to brag in the comments section ...


Q1: A! Salicylic acid is an exfoliating acid! It's particularly useful for oily or spot-prone hoomans. It's why we love Sally Cleanse so much - a holy grail product for some of us oilier members of Team Nerd...

Q2: D! Skingredients Skin Protein gets its colour from the presence of green tea. Fun fact, our second batch of Skin Protein was a slightly different colour due to a different batch of green tea being used in production! It's a potent antioxidant, so we'll allow it. 

Q3: A! Vitamin C helps to treat hyperpigmentation. It's very effective for dry skin, too!

Q4: D! Extracts from tomatoes can work as powerful antioxidants, helping to fight the free radicals bent on causing a little bit of chaos. 

Q5: A! Yes, you can use aloe vera in skincare. It's very soothing and calming - like a little skin holiday. 

Q6: B! Glycerin is a humectant often used in moisturisers! It's an ingredient to look out for, particularly when thinking about our hands which might be sore at the moment.

Q7: B! Pure vitamin C should be used within 12 weeks of opening. Be sure to close your bottle tightly when you've finished using them in order to keep oxygen out of the formulation, as this can shorten effectiveness.

Q8: B! Ingredients appear in order of amount, so you'll know what ingredients are the strongest in that particular formulation. 

Q9: B! Zinc oxide is a natural sunscreen! It's a common ingredient in mineral SPFs/ 

Q10: B! False. You can definitely find vegan hyaluronic acid! It's in Skingredients Skin Veg, and IMAGE Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant Serum, to name a few...

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