Pre-Order Skingredients on the Nerd Network Store

...You've known before anyone else. You've supported us from day one. You've been tempted into pre-ordering Skingredients. 

Now, Skingredients is available to pre-order on the Nerd Network store so you can pop the Core 4 or Mix + Match products into your basket with your other favourites. Easy like a bank holiday Sunday morning, are we right? 

Please note: your Skingredients® products will ship from the 10th of June! 

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The products in the range include... 

Core 4: 

PreProbiotic CleansePrebiotic, Probiotic + PHA Cleanser (€25.00, 100ml) 

Skin Veg - Pre-Serum + Penetrant Enhancer (€42.00, 30ml) 

Skin Protein - Vitamin A, C + E Serum (€42.00, 30ml) 

Skin Shield SPF 50 +++ - Broad Spectrum SPF (€42.00, 100ml introductory size) 

Mix + Match:

A-HA Cleanse - Lactic Acid + PHA Cleanser (€25.00, 100ml)


Sally Cleanse - Salicylic Acid Cleanser (€25.00, 100ml) 

Skin Good FatsCeramide Barrier Balm (€42.00, 30ml) 

They're also available from and pharmacies, department stores and selected salons nationwide from the 6th of June!