Should You Be Double Cleansing?

UPDATED: 3/4/20

Double Cleansing

Everyone knows that cleansing is step no. 1 in any skincare regime. You should always do this AM, PM, pre-gym, post-gym... etc etc. It's the step that most people remember not to skip, but is that always enough? I often wonder how people justify spending so much money on products such as Crème De La Mer, only to place them on top of old makeup and trapped oil and debris and pollution... Yet then expect results!

Would you wax a dirty car?! (well, who waxes their car these days but you get the point!) On that note, I often wonder why people spend so much on a dress they only wear once, yet are unwilling to spend on their face. You wear your face for a lifetime!  

How to Do it Right

I am often asked about what is the best cleanser – micellar waters, oils, Cleanse Off Mitts… Effectively the question I should be asked is: do I promote double cleansing? The answer is a resounding YES.

I actually believe that not to double cleanse is a skin sin! - but with some caveats... For instance, I’m conscious of the alcohol content in micellar waters that could result in full removal of skin’s essential oils.

Not all cleansing is "good" cleansing. Scrubbing your face with a body sponge, while effective, would not be considered a good cleansing technique. To clarify, double cleansing should mean that the first cleanse will, with ease, remove the majority of your makeup and then second cleanse will be done with a prescribed cleanser to thoroughly remove any remains.

Sometimes the best cleanser for your skin isn't the best one at removing makeup!

What Double Cleansing Isn't

I also don’t want to confuse double cleansing with over-cleansing. The dreaded over-cleansing, or over-exfoliation, is another sin and involves an obsession with scrubbing, acids, grits, and grains to feel squeaky clean! What you're actually doing, is irritating your skin.

If you're depending on just one cleanse, you might only be moving your mascara and foundation around your face and leaving traces that aren't immediately visible. So, the second cleanse is vital if you want to thoroughly look after your skin. All of that said, if you're traveling, a wipe user, gym goer, on the go, lazy (sorry, not sorry!), or just having a "cheat skin night", then using a one step cleanser such as Cleanse Off Mitt is accepted every now and again.

But only on occasions! Remember that cleansing is the basic step to allow the products penetrate into the lower skin. It's a clearly fundamental step in each and every person's skincare regimen (or it should be), so you may as well put as much effort into it as any other step!