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Gallinée is a brand created by a French pharmacist named Marie Drego. Their product range contains a patented triple biotic complex of prebiotics, probiotics and a postbiotic. “What the frick is a prebiotic?”, I hear you ask your computer screen. A prebiotic helps with the growth of the probiotics. “Well, what the frick is a postbiotic?”, I hear you ask now. This so-called “postbiotic” in Galinée is actually lactic acid (AKA an active ingredient). Lactic acid is the reason that Cleopatra was bathing in milk – it is a gentle alpha hydroxy acid that sloughs off dead skin cells without causing irritation as glycolic acid may.

All of Gallinée’s products have what’s known as a physiological pH, the pH of the skin, which is between 4.5 and 5.2, meaning that it is pH neutral and perfect for those with a reactive skin or skin prone to inflammation. They also include kaolin, otherwise known as white clay, for it’s soothing and healing properties, plant extracts and natural oils. 

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