Festive Skincare S.O.S 

Many of us indulge over the festive season – we’re only human after all! Whether you decide to celebrate with the odd tipple, Christmas pudding or back-to-back late nights, The Mini SKINday Times is here with a few tips to help you to keep your skin on track!

Festive skin sin: Less water, more alcohol

Alcohol might make us merry, but its dehydrating properties mean that it can have an impact on our appearance and not just our insides. Alcohol is a diuretic, and as such it increases the production of urine and sucks the moisture out of your skin - leaving you with a dull, unhealthy-looking complexion. You may also spot the dreaded “drinkles,” which is Nerd code for dehydrated wrinkles. Alcohol consumption can also cause tissue inflammation and trigger inflammatory skin conditions, which can cause flushing and leave you rosier than Rudolph.

Solution: Drink responsibly always and rehydrate the body after drinking alcohol by consuming plenty of water. Hydration is key for tackling drinkles and the appearance of thirsty skin. Increasing omegas and ceramides internally can help as a first step too. This can be via food such as oily fish or via a supplement.

Festive skin sin: Sugar overload

Pass that tin of roses, eh - I’ll be there with you under the tree! There’s no denying that the sweets and treats accompanying the festive period are things many of us look forward to but the after effects of sugar on skin can be a little less desirable. Glycation happens when excess glucose (sugar) in skin proteins negatively affect your natural skin’s structural support. Glycation affects your collagen and thus can lead to reduced suppleness and deeper wrinkling with time, thinning of the skin and some pigmentary issues, yikes!

Solution: Opt for low-sugar beverages to minimise the chance of a haggard complexion the next day. Use hydrating facial spritzes often throughout the day and drink plenty of water or herbal teas to rehydrate.

Festive skin sin: The abandonment of the nightly cleanse

Your evening cleanse can seem a bit too much after a night celebrating and you can end up going to bed with a face full of makeup - but we are human! This behaviour can result in congestion, clogged pores, and breakouts though.

Solution: Try to maintain your nighttime cleanse! Look for quick methods of removing makeup, SPF and impurities when you know you’ll be tempted to skip it (FYI we are talking Cleanse Off Mitt rather than wipes). If the festivities are starting to wreak havoc, Salicylic acid is great for use as an emergency spot treatment as it helps to unclog pores, reduce swelling and slow-down any breakouts.

Festive skin sin: Too many late nights

Getting enough sleep is key for healthy skin and too many late nights can take their toll. As sleep affects the regeneration process and the skin’s healing ability, you may find that it takes longer to ‘bounce back’ to looking and feeling refreshed after several nights of poor rest, with tell-tale signs including puffy eyes and a dull complexion.

Solution: Late nights and early mornings... what a Christmas combination! If you do find yourself burning the candle at both ends, try to find some time for rest and recouperation. A good sleep habit is vital in regenerating the body, regulating hormones and also for aiding immunity and repair. If lack of sleep is a long-term issue, speak to your GP and consider using a sleep tracking app to monitor your sleep quality. In the short-term, revive tired eyes with the help of a cooling facial tool or eye mask to depuff and reduce any swelling.

Merry Christmas Nerds! We love you and we love a good night out or one staying in with a tin of choccies and Netflix! Be kind to you and enjoy the festive season.
Love Team Nerd x

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